Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amar Singh surrounded by black money, Big B may come wrapped in

Allahabad. Allahabad High Court different - different company making the manipulation of Rs 400 crore in the case of allegations against the Samajwadi Party's former general secretary Amar Singh has ordered a probe to the ED. 
High Court that it is the issue of national importance. High Court directed the ED within two weeks he should start investigating. 
Within one month with a status report on the investigation must. The next hearing in this case would be in the first week of July. 
Ed in the trial of the officers also have been summoned. Justice Imtiyaz Murtaza and SS Tiwari, Amitabh Bachchan back on the effect of this order will, in the FIR with Amar Singh's wife Pankaja Kumari also named them. 
Bench on March 28 after completing the trial had reserved his decision. 
Before the court was asked on behalf of Amar Singh, the powerful secretary of the Secretariat against him at the behest of the FIR is registered. 
Bench said that there is nothing in the documents that action should be dismissed on the basis of political enmity. Amar Singh, the then High Court dismissed the petition, which he Babupurwa 15 October 2009 at the police station in Kanpur against him had sought to cancel the FIR. 
I am not above the law. If I am guilty I should be punished. Uttar Pradesh Development Corporation Chairman of the City if I am involved in any rigging or 2G in case I have taken advantage of a company so it could provide evidence to the ED .- Government of Uttar Pradesh, Amar Singh, Allahabad High Court after the verdict

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