Sunday, May 22, 2011

God' earnings do, you will get relief

Source: Amey Kunte | Last Updated 16:41 (22/05/11)

Mumbai. Sachin Tendulkar ads do not have to pay income tax on revenues. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, according to the camera not only a cricketer but also a 'star' too.

The Tribunal ruled that the Mumbai bench. Sachin under Section 80 of the RR under the sponsorship and advertising revenue have been eligible for exemption. Tendulkar was reported earnings of Rs 18.5 million in 2002-03.

5.92 crore from the income they ESPN - Star Sports, Pepsi and Visa sponsorship from the game under the PRA in exchange: the busy. Based on these receipts he received income tax exemption under Section 80 RR claimed.

Under this section writers, actors, artists, playwrights and players are allowed to receive foreign currency earnings. Tax assessment official, however, refused to offer discounts. The base was reported that the income is from sponsorship and advertising and have not received them as a cricketer.

Official advertising products to prove it is not that Tendulkar is acting profession. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal dismissed the claims officer said that while working in advertising you have to face the lights and cameras. Sachin as models creativity, creativity and skills presented in a way that could affect human emotions and feelings.

The Tribunal said that each person or each player is not the ability or skill or creativity that he could face the lights and cameras. As she models successful cricketer as brand value is achieved. The fact that his skill, creativity and creativity have to use.

Surprisingly, the commentator Harsha Bhogle Tendulkar's fans and the Tribunal in similar cases had been denied the exemption, the superstar Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan's claim was considered eligible.

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