Sunday, May 22, 2011

POSCO deal bigger than 2G scam!

New Delhi. Some social workers Odia POSCO steel project in terms of the relaxation to be given a bigger scandal than 2G spectrum allocation is described. They say that the POSCO project will benefit from the 1.95 lakh crore. Project received approvals have been seeking a CBI probe. 
Members of civil society Prashant Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal, Swami Agnivesh, environmentalist Vandana Shiva and a member of the National Advisory Council headed by Sonia Gandhi, Aruna Roy wrote to the Prime Minister has described the project violates the rules. 
He accused the Prime Minister in a letter that captive iron ore to POSCO (iron ore) mines based on the Plan each year will be a profit of Rs 6,500 crore. 
Law in violation of iron ore, land, water, natural sources such as private company have been at affordable rates. The letter demanded that all procedures be completed by the Inquisition got to go and visit the project stopped. 
Pressure on the prime minister Jairam 
Prashant Bhushan alleged that the Prime Minister to pursue the project, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh are pressing on. He said the prime minister of corruption and his ministers have given a free hand. They are promoting themselves to projects that increased corruption. 
These are the allegations in the letter - officers and multinational company complicity in Pohang Steel Coparereshne 
- Central and state officials violated the Forest Rights Act 
- The first environmental approval in 2007, the then Environment Minister A.. The king 
- Musical Chair approach adopted by the Ministry since December 2009 
- Various committees were not objections to the attention of 
- Violations turned into the light conditions, which is biased. 

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