Saturday, May 7, 2011

Armano sacrifice reservation" to boycott the products of sponsors of the series

The serial products of the sponsors of theboycott

Imagine television channel recently (29 Nov 2009) started serial Reservations: Armanoan sacrificed more than 7 episodes so far has come, that clean-up after seeing that this series was promoting the ways that these reservations trying to understand the issue better, these claims are utterly false. The serial point-blank quota program, rather than social uplift is presented as a social irony.The serial♦ Upper castes to gain high office in government Anivarytbodh Panp is a type. If only the upper youth need government job.
♦ Through the serial a Brahmin officer subordinate to an underdog worthy of reproach has been reported to work.
♦ The non - upper to high office nor the ability to be able to tell, an upper reservation Karaamat's mercy and is projected as.
♦ The reservations against the upper caste youth by self-incineration is going to start from the scene, and reservations made in this country, and the departure point Bahess ongoing self-dah made a scene and not the social equals mission going to make a provision.
♦ Aaratioan 85% of the ironies in need of social justice a view not only the family tragedy of a Brahmion was repeated again and again until now.
♦ Today's youth, whether they are upper or non - upper, the validity of reservations for them and a dialogue based on understanding of the builder / scene.

♦ Dalit / BSP pride by villains to the upper strings - strings on the free hand.

♦ Gross and offensive racial dialogue.The serial transmission by far the same can be said that these spreading confusion on the issue of social justice series, which not only the provisions of the Indian Constitution but also Brahminical values ​​Kutarcoan wire - wire being. The time in Indian society globalization, privatization, expensive education, welfare state due to the departure of repressed classes need to mainstream social justice, the time series that does confuse public opinion seems to make the agenda.80% of Indian people in need of social justice that the appeal♦ The Brahminical serial Pranwan going to boycott advertisers of products to enter their mind, which put pressure on manufacturers to take the right direction.♦ socially unite to oppose it should be.♦ objectionable aspects of its content औcharik to be the government's attention.♦ the need to spread confusion on the agenda of social justice against the court also Akoaktaan way.
Forwarded by Sheeba Aslam Fehmi

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