Saturday, May 7, 2011

In Hindi Movies why dalit alwasy helpless and poor ??

Dalits in Bollywood! How many fictional fictional character?♦ Shiba Afhamie Aslam

Hindi movies are getting the thing back and forth without stray introduced two instances where the underdog character and Honor, "ouch" you are well. Ashutosh Gowariker's famous film "Lagaan", which I do not know what optimism under the 'Oscar' was referred to, is also a strong underdog character, named "trash". So Saheban "trash" bowler of great use. Not because it's talent, but because it's a 'fault' is, because of which his hand is crooked and some ball Firkti that's it!Without him this talent 'defect' could be in, if he is Bhuvan. His name 'waste' space 'Bhuvan' could have been if he had not been trodden, and that last shot that could have come in part, if he Ashutosh - Aamir's movie is not. That blonde in the movie - mem 'Bhuvan' of support, she says' at least give him a fair chance ... 'mean a' fair-chance 'or' just an opportunity "not only was the whole Daromdar hinges?? ?

And that gives an opportunity not only ruling - exploitative class.So imagine the Saheban our films is not a 'low - caste' to be talented! If this number - you no reflection film are missing, then add to my knowledge not Khasato Excuse ... so God will then decide if any talent - wedded in the end as the same will be in that elite family Bichre.Another example ... 'Sujata' Do you remember? What a nice film.Nehru all the race - that the realization of harmony! Untouchables - Dalit girl 'Sujata' How is accepted by, and how your shelter Brahmin family self-duality is able to discharge? There also his status - to find the cast of the groom are brought, the adulterous, alcoholic and Duhaju happens, and the Hot Hollywood Bithate add to Sujata, imperturbable mother the 'This is what happens to these people'. The film Brahmin - Dalit does not communicate well. Just Brahmin - the duality of Brahman, which kind - Donor Modern Brahmins and 'cultured Brahmin' raises the Diskors. Dalit girl does not get any property, just under the social responsibility as it is acceptable ... the movie ends with the possibility that if their sons did not listen and their love marriage Atkaye ballasts, they will revolt. Father-son is emerging as a feature of modernity and of course, everyone's blood is one - it is set up Medical Fact. As far as the question of Sujata, his Sanskrtikaaran is complete.Residents that up, times, gentle and Solitaire 'marriage - Meritle' ie become a worker finds the same family - the real environment, a talented theatrical dancer daughter, Adhunika, verbose and going to respect their wishes

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