Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tata said the UK staff Slacker, 1500 Deleted

Source: agencies | Last Updated 00:00 (23/05/11)

London. Ratan Tata of India to the employees of their companies in the UK are very unhappy and he clearly stated that the staff here are shirkers. Her work is very difficult to remove. That's my car here and Tata Steel industry workers have removed about 1500.

Ratan Tata, while pre-eminent British carmaker Jaguar Land Rowara purchased. Earlier, he also bought steel maker Corus company. But these brands are still unable to prove that no win-win situation. Tata recently to employees of these companies expressed bitter resentment.

In an interview to a British newspaper said British workers are lazy and do not want to do extra work in the interest of the company. "This work is a question of culture. Tata said his experience that the two companies - a person from the company's interest in Corus and JLR do not want the extra work. He said that after five o'clock a staff member does not attend the meeting because it is their time to go.

According to Tata employees work in the final days of the week can not be. The staff at the office three and a half to leave Friday afternoon and then Week and celebrate. He said that in India the company is in trouble, and employees also have to work until midnight, so they do willingly, but here it is not.

Company Sknthorpe plant nearly 1200 & Taasaead plant nearly 300 employees has been removed. Tata's statement was quite a commotion. Today, Ratan Tata has denied his remark.The company released a release said that he never said no lazy employees of his company in the UK.

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