Thursday, May 19, 2011

So say people should stay away from the bore

24 Apr 2011, 1012 hrs IST, Bombay Mirror 
.. A mall in Malad Mumbai police red-handed stealing from the three women arrested Dhar.When the policemen questioned him they were shocked to hear their answer. He told police that he bore it all through the house Taimpeass used to it all.
According to information on Thursday at 3 o'clock in the evening three women admitted they were in a mall. There they were in a jewelery store and expensive rings, clocks and started to pretend to see earrings. Without when they were bought out of the store, the salesman was suspicious. She found that some valuable items are missing. He immediately inform the police said.
Police Pehuchi and camera footage in the store she identified women. Women were still roaming in the mall. Police arrested him at the mall as disguises. The name of the arrested women Vaishali Chandrakant (35), Jayshree (55) and Aruna (45) is.Three police her earrings, two rings and watches seized 2. Police said the woman was with them and who had escaped.

Asistend Radhyashyam Sharma said the police inspector was questioned Btyy the women they used to be for all Taimpeass. Women admitted that they made a mistake, but they began to talk, saying that the gunman then you kept royal guest, but a small mistake them for being so treated.

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