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"Chintalnar people are facing starvation "

"Chintalnar people are facing starvation '

Last month Chintalnar Surchshabalo reportedly gave the tribe of about 300 home lighting.
India's Supreme Court were appointed through the food safety commissioner, said Harsh Monder Trmetleo of Chintalnar in Chhattisgarh, tribal Tiamapurma Morpallie and are struggling with hunger, which is very serious matter.
Villagers in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh in the last few days, the Supreme Court expressed concern over the mysterious death of the afflicted villages to visit Nirdash had to report.
Janvitaran system related to irregularities in the Supreme Court during the trial itself through the Commissioners appointed collector of Dantewada and with officials in these villages was instructed to go and check on Wednesday in which the helicopter joy Monder Nean go to the rural villages of the meeting.
Who're battling hunger. Are living with hunger. These areas once in two months is being transported grain is quite serious. It seems to be a sign of government presence. Pension Na Na anganwadi. People are living in great poverty.
Harsh Monder, Khadd Security Commissioner

'Serious situation' 

Harsh Monder Ilackzo visited in a while he was aghast. He said "people're battling hunger. Are living with hunger. These areas once in two months is being transported grain is quite serious."
But this issue Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Chief Minister Raman Singh claimed that anyone in the neighborhood of Chintalnar death from hunger is not. Maoists, he said, the terrain is kept hostage development so there is unable to work.
Raman Singh said:''The Maoists do not let anyone in those areas. If the police have known the people for the job at least 600 men are imposed.''
Chintalnar Surchshabal Maoist stronghold and often are victims of Maoist violence.
Monder Harsh said that however the other hand they did not have a clue of starvation deaths but the people are living in circumstances that the terrain is very Chintneey. He said, "It seems to be a sign of government presence. No pension, no anganwadi. People are living in great poverty."
Morpallie Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh on March 14 last at least six villagers were killed in mysterious circumstances.
That being said it was marred by deaths due to hunger, but the district administration says the disease could be the cause of these deaths.
Chintalnar territory is not in anyone's death from hunger. The terrain have kept hostage by Maoists unable to work because there is growth. Maoists do not let anyone in those areas. If police people also has to be at least 600 men for this work are imposed.
Raman Singh, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister
Nean state probe of the order have been placed separately.
Nean the then Collector of Dantewada R. Prasanna told the BBC that he found similar Khbere Morpallie territory that some people are dead.
He says, "How many people are dead and how dead is not yet clear. We have formed an investigation team. The team includes physicians and health care than are local government employees."
Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court bench comprising Justice Deepak Verma and Justice Dalveer Bhandari's lawyer Colin Gonsalvez Peyusiel front of the court's attention drawn towards the media reports which stated that the alleged hunger Morpallie of Dantewada, some tribes of deaths.
However Chhattisgarh Atul Jha's lawyer argued that media reports are wrong and can not be made immediately based on an investigation. But the court his argument aside, saying that the report 

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