Monday, May 23, 2011

Pavilion sitting bride and groom began to talk porn

Samastipur. Musarieharhari district police station Gangapur village hall in a drunken bride to marry the groom refused to come through. Event last Thursday night, but the case has unfolded today.

Tada Station resident of Musarieharhari Ahrasingpur Budhlal Arambabu the only son of Roy Ray (24) drunken groom Archane came through the marriage. Before the bride groom side said that the drug not only puts hand to anything. Drunk groom seeing the bride moving Pramila (18) could not stop himself. He said bluntly that the marriage will not.Did not the bride so on. He and his family given the amount of dowry and wedding expenses in the amount of the refund, including the groom and his relatives taken hostage.

The groom's side as the situation got bad. Later Friday evening the next day the groom side dowry money and the amount spent on the wedding back. Amount of the groom and his family after being released to the girl side. The incident still on people's lips. All brides are appreciating the courage.

Things began to groom drunk porn 
Drunk during the wedding ceremony the groom demanded a motorcycle and gold chains. Will not say, will not get married. He then proceeded to start to talk about porn. The sad bride through the hall refused to get married.

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