Monday, May 23, 2011

Facebook saved lives, bears have home!

Source: Udit Bersle | Last Updated 07:37 (23/05/11)Bhopal. Social networking sites that is said about them coming in because youth depression and imaginary relationships are made. But this is only one aspect of the picture. The second aspect is that through them the people are benefited. Facebook for being too much choice. Post your need to go there only goes to help themselves.

National Law University last week, Delhi, All India ranked 6 th in the exam to receive the city's Surabhi Lal, to the beginning of the career through Facebook itself had created. Jobs in London have been his senior who contact them through Facebook about the area known and understood method of preparation.

Mpenagr got the room: I have to be June 20 Bhopal shift. Facebook Bhopal on April 15 I loved the room and put the post. Within minutes came the comment two - day meeting in the room also came the answer. Now I've got room in Mpenagr. Bhopal shift next month I will become. Currently I am in Indore jobs.

Blood found at the time: a familiar to me in Indore 'B +' blood type was needed. I have posted on Facebook their needs. I answer people came and talked to the law of blood contact and took the number. Two people who arrived about half an hour I Donate Blood to their agreed.

I got treatment from the time: I bike last April 27 Harda was coming from Indore. Indore distance of nearly 2.30 hours after the accident I got to the village Bijvadz. In my head and face injuries occurred significantly I had been unconscious due to injury. Passers-by to see me covered in blood and unconscious in the first dial call my mobile to call Pegare Ashwin present.

Ashwin is my friend and she lives in Mumbai. Ashwin's location and circumstances of the first accident I put a post on Facebook and urged people to help. People read this message and acquaintances living in the area contacted. The effect was that in no time 25 to 30 people from around the village I arrived and I was taken to hospital in time.

The use of social networking sites to help needy people get a positive side. It is good that the young use them only fun - but not for fun - to help others are also. In fact anything to be good or bad depends on the way to its use.

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