Monday, May 23, 2011

It is the girl riding on horses, the procession is over

Source: Nachiketa shrill. | Last Updated 00:14 (24/05/11)

Bokaro. Yes! Jharkhand's Bokaro district, a block Gomaia. Even many of the girls in the village with its procession with the groom arrive. Over the years this tradition in the village is standing. After hearing for sure is astounding, but true. Even with the bride band, orchestra and procession with the enthusiasm of the boy comes home. The girl party boy party people with broken marriages are so not ready to go. 
Mazburi jeopardize girls come and learn about the procession 
Girls here do not take out an ear for their procession. They have to work in Mazburi. Will not virgin then the life will remain seated. In fact, this area is known Jhumara mountain. And banned Naxal outfit CPI Maoist Jhumara mountain stronghold. 
Here the Naxalites run their parallel power. Girls procession passes over the village, its distance from the mountain Jhumara around 10-30 kilometers. Jhumara nestled under a mountain village like many, Jamneejara, Balthrwa, Shuarkata, peace, etc.. Reached in these villages is very arduous. It is the only Peghadndiyon. 
Marriage - marriage and passion - auspicious in a thus far - flung the boy side of the field to see the girl Jhumara mountain village Jamneejara etc. arrive. During this crisis like the girl after watching the procession route and traffic would not bring. Detect these police ever manages to capture the ever Maoist. 
Police suspect the Maoists have called on the Maoists to the police to be informant. Both are from rural Pisate. Guy takes advantage of the girl's Mazburi. After this girl's life by risking themselves have to come himself. Procession on tractor comes mostly because this book is the main ride.

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