Monday, May 23, 2011

Dowry harassment by her husband's suicide came tight

Kondagaana / Raipur. Case the city is a young businessman who's wife and his father bothered by the constant demands through the same had committed suicide on April 10 in Bhopal.

Are investigating the case of MP Nagar Bhopal investigating officer Somsinah Raghuvanshi told the deceased committed suicide on the phone before the letter left by her deceased father and wife to establish a case against the IPC Section 302/201/34 continue to try to arrest.

Police met the letter directly to suicide law and wife have been accused of seeking and abuse. The letters give the information to the police the deceased's younger brother has demanded fair investigation. The letters and messages of suicide two days from April 10th is the first 8 April.

What's the matter

Rojgaripara resident brother of the deceased businessman Umesh Deoonagan Tilesh Deoonagan dealing according to the property in Raipur, Umesh Rai consciousness Deoonagan meeting was called to woman. DP Roy, father of consciousness Parchanpala education campus principal with the consent of both the wedding was on June 19 of last year.

Umesh deceased father-opinions in the letter written before he died in Bhopal valuable land and has written nearly 70 lakh to be recovered. It is written that when demand is not his wife and father-in-consciousness opinions threaten her dowry harassment were false.

Of that letter is revealed that his consciousness was not some kind of sex. According to the father of Umesh Mahesh MP Nagar Bhopal station has registered the report on the April 8 arrest of the accused's actions still do not.

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