Friday, May 20, 2011

Foreign media fails to recognise Bollywood celebrities at Cannes

Bollywood can go ga ga over their achievements at Cannes, but in reality what Bollywood may have got in the foreign press is a royal snub. As it has turned out, leading photo-agencies and the foreign press have failed to recognise any of the actors from Bollywood barring Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan. In fact, actor Saif Ali Khan apparently didn’t have his pictures clicked on the red carpet at all, while actress Sonam Kapoor was captioned as an unidentified guest by a leading news agency.
“Saif never had his photos clicked and distributed by the international media. Nobody recognised him. Other than Aishwarya, nobody even reognised the actors who were walking down the red carpet. Saif was walking on the same day when Antonio Benderas and Salma Hayek were walking so nobody even noticed him,” says an Indian filmmaker who was also present at Cannes.
The worst snub perhaps was when starlet Minissha Lamba was captioned as Aishwarya Rai by another leading photo agency.
“The agency has their offices in India also and some of their best photo staffers had gone to cover Cannes. Unfortunately most of them on the red carpet couldn’t figure out who she (Minissha) was,” adds the filmmaker.
Well, last but not the least, Mallika Sherawat in her see-through black dress was identified as actress Stephanie Sigman! Well, nobody had any explanations to that one!

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