Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is lying Rahul? Kiln - Parssul people are opened up claims pole

What is lying Rahul? Kiln - Parssul people are opened up claims pole

Source: agency | Last Updated 13:08 (18/05/11)

Greater Noida. Greater Noida kiln - Parssul villages, raping women and sees a pile of bodies with the ashes of the 74 claims have been seriously questioned. According to reports in the media having a single person in the two villages, Rahul Gandhi's claim is confirmed. Some villages say they have heard such reports.

Villagers are generally saying that the police have to beat them. Rahul Gandhi to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that they were goddesses Virendree not know any woman in the village during the protests against acquisition of land has been raped. Virendree Devi said, "Some women are beaten by police.

Virendree said, "After beating women had come to my house. They also were abuses. My daughter also beaten by police. I have heard that some women have been thrust force. But I do not know about such a woman. " Rahul Gandhi, Gautam Buddha Nagar district administration's claims after the kiln - Parssul villages gathered on Tuesday to examine a few samples are sent to Agra. Rahul Kumar of Meerut Mondalayaukh Bhuvnesh false claims stating, "Some allegations are being made against the police, that being said, he burned villagers. It is all lies.Soon will come true before. " 

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