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अगर कम्प्यूटर हैक हो सकता है तो ईवीएम (EVM ) क्यों नही


US scientists 'hack' India electronic voting machines

hack into Indian electronic voting machines.
After connecting a home-made device to a machine, University of Michigan researchers were able to change results by sending text messages from a mobile.
Indian election officials say their machines are foolproof, and that it would be very difficult even to get hold of a machine to tamper with it.
India uses about 1.4m electronic voting machines in each general election.
'Dishonest totals'
A video posted on the internet by the researchers at the University of Michigan purportedly shows them connecting a home-made electronic device to one of the voting machines used in India.
Professor J Alex Halderman, who led the project, said the device allowed them to change the results on the machine by sending it messages from a mobile phone.

Start Quote

It is not just the machine, but the overall administrative safeguards which we use that make it absolutely impossible for anybody to open the machine”
Alok ShuklaIndian Election Commission
"We made an imitation display board that looks almost exactly like
the real display in the machines," he told the BBC. "But underneath some of the components of the board, we hide a microprocessor and a Bluetooth radio."
"Our lookalike display board intercepts the vote totals that the machine is trying to display and replaces them with dishonest totals - basically whatever the bad guy wants to show up at the end of the election."
In addition, they added a small microprocessor which they say can change the votes stored in the machine between the election and the vote-counting session.
India's electronic voting machines are considered to be among the most tamperproof in the world.
There is no software to manipulate - records of candidates and votes cast are stored on purpose-built computer chips.
Paper and wax seals
India's Deputy Election Commissioner, Alok Shukla, said even getting hold of machines to tamper with would be very difficult.
"It is not just the machine, but the overall administrative safeguards which we use that make it absolutely impossible for anybody to open the machine," he told the BBC.
"Before the elections take place, the machine is set in the presence of the candidates and their representatives. These people are allowed to put their seal on the machine, and nobody can open the machine without breaking the seals."
The researchers said the paper and wax seals could be easily faked.
However, for their system to have any impact they would need to install their microchips on many voting machines, no easy task when 1,368,430 were used in the last general election in 2009.

Why other countries have scrapped electronic voting
Many nations have decided that electronic voting lacks verifiability, is not transparent by nature, and is vulnerable to errors and manipulation as any other electronic system 


It banned voting machines in 2006 after an activist group demonstrated that the Nedap machines used in that country can be wirelessly hacked into 


It scrapped an ambitious e-voting project after millions of Euros were spent on it, as concerns over secur .. 

An EVM that 'votes' only for BJP stuns poll staff in Assam

GUWAHATI: An electronic voting machine raised many eyebrows across the state during a mandatory mock poll in Jorhat on Tuesday. Every time a button was pressed, the vote went in favour of BJP. 

The Jorhat parliamentary constituency returning officer and deputy commissioner Vishal Vasant Solanki told TOI that all EVMs in his custody are being put through a second level of test by engineers of the Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL), one of the two companies from Hyderabad, which manufactures EVMs. 

This Jorhat Lok Sabha seat has Congress stalwart and former Union minister Bijoy Krishna Handique locking horns with BJP youth and tea tribal leader Kamakhya Tasa. This will be Handique's record seventh successive attempt for the Lok Sabha election. Jorhat goes to the polls on April 7. 

State chief electoral officer Vijyandra on Wednesday said, "An EVM in Jorhat was found malfunctioning yesterday. It is a defective machine and it was noticed when EVMs were readied in front of representatives of all political parties. We will not send the faulty unit to any polling station." 

An EVM consists of two units, a control unit and a balloting unit. Both unites are connected with cable. The balloting unit is a small box-like device, on top of which each candidate and his or her election symbol appears. The voter selects his candidate by pressing the blue button. 

The returning officer said, "These EVMs were here for long. Usually, EVMs are kept in the custody of the deputy commissioner and during elections they are taken to strong rooms." 

Congress lodged a complaint with the Election Commission of India on Wednesday and demanded thorough inspection of all EVMs in just not Jorhat, but the entire state. Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary Ranjan Bora, who lodged the complaint with EC, said, "The mock poll was done at random and the EVM for Teok assembly constituency took everyone by surprise. When the hand symbol button was pressed for Congress, the vote was found to be recorded in favour of BJP." 

He said the incident has fuelled suspicion in their minds that EVMs may have been tampered with to favour a particular political party. 

Interestingly, after Congress got an overwhelming mandate in the 2011 assembly polls, Asom Gana Parishad had lodged a complaint against Congress accusing it of tinkering with EVMs. The Congress leadership had rejected this charge and pointed out that EVM results could not be manipulated. 

"EVM tampering could be possible in the Jorhat case," a senior Congress leader said.बनारस में कुल वोटर है 16लाख .मतदान प्रतिशत था 55.23 मतलब 8 लाख 40 हजार वोट करीब करीब . मगर गिनती हुआ 10 लाख 30हजार वोट .(स्रोत - चुनाव आयोग की वेबसाइट) दो लाख वोट ज्यादा कहाँ से आ गये यह पता लगाइये .उसके बाद ही यूरेका यूरेका बोलिये .
मतलब जो evm घोटाला को खारिज कर रहे हैं बताये यह अधिक वोट आया कहाँ से ?
मोदी बिजेपी -581022
केजरीवाल आआप- 209238
कांग्रेस -75614
बसपा -60579
अन्य -60000

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  1. हो सकता है ऐसाहुआ हो क्योंकि हमारे एरिया में जब हम गये तो हमारे घर के दो मैम्बर ने आप को और दो ने बीजेपी को वोट दिया और मजे की बात जिसने बीजेपी को वोट दिया उसकी बीप साउण्ड बहुत देर तक बजती रही और जिसने आप को दिया उसकी बजते ही बंद हो गयी किसी एक के साथ होता तो हम सोचते कि हम गलत हैं मगर यहाँ तो फ़िफ़्टी फ़िफ़्टी वोट थे और चारों के साथ हुआ तो मुझे तो शक हुआ था कि कोई गडबड जरूर है मगर कहते किसे यही समस्या थी ।

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