Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Indian Media is a Joker ???????

भारतीय मीडिया जोकर है। जुलियन असांज ने आज एक स्टेटमेंट जारी कर मायावती की टिप्पणी का जवाब दिया है। टिप्पणी में कहीं नहीं है कि मायावती एंटी दलित हैं। लेकिन इस स्टेटमेंट से भारतीय मीडिया ने अपने लिए मोती ढूंढ लिया है। देखिए तस्वीर और कमेंट में पढ़िए असांज का स्टेटमेंट अपने मूल रूप में बिना काट-छांट के।
NEW DELHI: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has rejected UP chief minister Mayawati's allegations and asked her to admit her errors and apologise.

He said "Mayawati has betrayed rational thought. The question is, has she also betrayed the Dalit? There is no question that the documents are official papers from the US embassy. These papers have been proven the world over, including by the aggressive persecution of our people by Washington. The allegations within them are made by US diplomats in their private communications back to Hillary Clinton. If chief minister Mayawati has a problem with the contents of these communications she need to take it up with Hillary. I ask that Mayawatti to admit her error and apologise."

Assange added that asylum in India is welcome for him, "Should she fail to do so, she is welcome to send her private jet to England to collect me, where I have been detained against my will, under house arrest, for the last 272 days. I would be happy to accept asylum, political asylum, in India--a nation I love. In return, I will bring Mayawati a range of the finest British footwear."

Earlier, the UP CM said she wanted the WikiLeaks founder to be put in a "mental asylum" because she is upset over leaked US diplomatic cables that painted her as an "egomaniac."

The leaked US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks last week described how the
BSP supremo once allegedly dispatched her empty private jet to fetch her favourite sandals from Mumbai. Mayawati had food tasters to sample her meals and a "security entourage to rival a head of state", it claimed.

The cables quoting an aide of the Uttar Pradesh chief minister also said she was a person with a "penchant for personal corruption" and "a strong authoritarian streak".

"I would request the government of his country to send him (Assange) to a mental asylum and if they have no place for him in his country we can put him in our Agra mental hospital", Mayawati told reporters on Tuesday.

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  1. आपके दिए तथ्यों को भारत में कुछ लोग जानते हैं लेकिन बोलने की ज़रूरत नहीं समझते. सब के निजी स्वार्थ हैं. जानकारी देने के लिए आभार.