Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Media can create anything

               When we struggle for poor and oppressed with much more strength than Baba Ramdev, neither media nor the Govt takes notice. In Dec,2009, I went on fast  till death for reservation in private sector with several SCST confederation leaders , it was not noticed . In 2000, the A I Confederation of SCST Org. led by me had organized a huge rally , much more bigger than of Baba Ramdev. It is one of the ten biggest gatherings after independence. Today also I have bigger mass base than Ramdev but not acknowledged. The issue of black money is good and everybody should support it. It is a crime that those who parked money outside, neither they are  going to  use  for themselves nor the common people of the nation will get any benefit out of it. Means for struggle is equally important and those who are behind Ramdev, businessmen and traders they steal  and avid taxes and manipulate transactions. As a additional commissioner of income tax , I have experienced it. Since  these traders and medium level businessmen are not that much big  as some corrupt politicians , bureaucrats, corporate houses are in terms of money , power and influence and hence there is heart burning  in them and  that is one of the reasons to be with Baba Ramdev. Given the opportunity , most of them will turn corrupt. Thanks to media , it has created Anna Hazare, Ramdev and what it can’t do. Dr. Uditraj

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