Wednesday, June 22, 2011

368 OBC seats converted to general

This year too, the IITs had to convert seats reserved for OBC students to general category because of a lack of eligible students. 368 OBC seats were converted to the general quota  this year, after the first round of allotment. There were 2,599 seats set aside for OBC students this year. Las 
t year, 469 seats of the 2,570 OBC seats had to be converted.
While the OBC seats can be converted, students from scheduled caste/scheduled tribe (SC/ST) and physical disability (PD) category will be given a further relaxation in cut-offs to fill up the vacant quota seats.
These SC/ST and PD category students would be inducted into a one-year preparatory course before joining mainstream programmes. 
“This year, there is no preparatory list for SC candidates as the number of qualified candidates are more than the available seats,” said Sounak Choudhary, coordinating chairperson of IIT- JEE 20011. “But there are vacancies in ST and PD categories and there will be preparatory lists. The final figures on vacancies will come only after the third and final round of admissions.” The admissions are expected to end by July 10.
In IIT-B, after the first allotment round there is one vacancy in ST category and six vacancies in PD category.
OBC students are given a 10% relaxation from general category cut-offs. SC/ST and PD candidates get a 50% relaxation and if there are vacancies a further 50% relaxation puts them in a preparatory course. In 2009, more than 1,000 SC and ST seats remained vacant and were transferred to the preparatory course.

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