Sunday, May 22, 2011

"National Commission for Women demanding the immediate dissolution" BSP

National Commission for Women demanding the immediate dissolution

Source: Vijay Upadhayay | Last Updated 12:38 (22/05/11

The party's state president Swami Prasad Maurya said that the center continue to hold power in Congress kiln Parssul episode from the start and now he is poor politics for their political motives such as the Central Commission on National Commission for Women have used. He said the various constitutional bodies and commissions of the Congress party in the case of abuse Ba Le has a history and the current UPA-led Central Government had also seen this coming at the Para follows. 
BSP demands that the prime minister to dissolve the National Commission for Women immediately make that person a member of the commission find that without political bias affected are able to carry out its obligations. 
He said that previously it has been clear that the kiln Parssul charged with rape of women is totally baseless.Even an institution like the National Women's Commission's top official to be charged by such are not only very unfortunate but messing with the dignity of women, too. 
He said the rape and false accusing Arduwyahar offending those who value women's minds should indicate that they also about their Bhubetiaoan Amaryadit Tippniyon can. He said the executive chairman of the statements made ​​by Gaarji Medarana It was also perfectly clear that his leadership of women in the National Commission for Women should not have any A Maid. 

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