Friday, May 6, 2011

Ban on Dalits entering the village wearing slippers

Bhaskar News 16/11/10 
Jabalpur. Hedahat station area Chauquital Samipie grams, nearly half Saikada Lamheta native people accessing SP office in the village complained of being harassed by Rbangoan. Those suffering township was charged with insulting the caste they like - kind of torture is given, the Dalits are not entering the village wearing slippers and came the day is fight with them. 
Impartial investigation of complaints by victims and appealed for action is imposed. Superintendent of Police Office said the victims arrived last November 8 with the night sky Chaudhary was beaten fiercely, her staff, rod was attacked, injured 108 ambulance to the hospital to call an ambulance at the intersection by the accused stopped at the tip of the knife, threatened not to go to the hospital. 
Report the incident to the police station Hedahat been tried, but stopped them from reporting. Threatened by the accused that you guys can harm us because we are paid Hedahat police, so police station will be written in the report. Victims demand action in the case of unbiased investigation. Photo x KK

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