Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rahul Gandhi ji ... when you have time reply from UP also want to support us in Haryana

Fatehabad. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, Uttar Pradesh slit Parssul village farmers to join the dharna to support them. Gandhi says that unless the state government will not meet the demand of farmers as long as they continue to lay. Rahul Gandhi sat on a dharna with the move after 270 days have enabled the farmers in Gorakhpur. 
Farmers say that in fact the nation's leader Rahul Gandhi and farmers are worried then let us along. By the forced land acquisition is being unfair with us. Kisan Sangharsh Committee Ssivach HR head said it's a shame that farmers nuclear plants are sitting on a dharna against the 270 days.But so far none of the Central or State Representative Congress did not take his Shudh. 
Now go to UP, Rahul Gandhi to support farmers are talking about. He said that Rahul Gandhi is of no concern to the farmers. Mayawati government in Uttar Pradesh they are raging against the farmers. He said if farmers really friendly if Gandhi Please join us. Farmers Ramswaroop, Danaram, Dharam Pal said the government forcibly take our land is to put the nuclear plant. Apply for Section 4 is laid. All the land is fertile and plants find here is not good. This will be the loss of fertile land. He canceled Section 4 to make the 270 days we are sitting on a dharna before the Deputy Commissioner office. 
During this storm, storms, heat, cold, rain has faced troubles. Even Hagooram We also lost the agitating farmers' leader, but to date by any officer or Congress does not listen to us. This proves that the Congress is concerned about his politics, not to farmers. Satpal Bishnoi farmer, Prince, Earth, Singh said the country's farmers are the same. They do not make any difference. Rahul Gandhi, Uttar Pradesh with farmers by giving farmers have tried to create discrimination. 
It is so obvious that they believe the difference in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana farmers. It is not so. So farmers are farmers. Whether they are in Haryana or UP. Rahul Gandhi is considered a national leader. While retaining his image with them we should also. He directed the State Government soon revoked by section 4 with.

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