Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mosquitoes have become ten times stronger ??????

Bhaskar News. Sonepat 
Aegis Egyptian mosquitoes not Enafliej capacity has increased by ten times. It's some kind of food rather than supplements to the use of pesticides is. 
Biologist in training is clear that mosquitoes now be the same delicate, but are quite powerful. Many breeds gate resistance of mosquitoes to insecticides consumption has increased rapidly. That this time in the month of June starting Malaria Department of Health to people and in any case be careful to avoid mosquitoes is called. 
This way people will be victims of mosquitoes: Aegis Egyptian dengue mosquito is female, which thrive in clear water while Enafliej mosquitoes are responsible for spreading malaria. To thrive in this mess. Their life span is 25 to 30 days. Nonetheless, the larvae in the soil dry for a year can stay safe. As soon as the dry soil with water to get it is active. That the water cooler and water tank before filling the soil began to dry clothes around it should be clear. 
Do not treat yourself: eating its own medicine doctors who advised patients that do not recognize the right until about the disease of drug abuse should not.

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