Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bipasha Basu, Amar Singh's conversations

Bipasha Basu: Now tell me, when are you meeting me?
Amar Singh: Where do you want to see baby? I am very busy.
Bipasha Basu: OK sweetie…
Amar Singh: Very nice of you to have remembered me.
Bipasha Basu: Yeah, I always remember you.
Amar Singh: Old person like me?
Bipasha Basu: I`m sorry!
Amar Singh: I said old man like me…
Bipasha Basu: Old man like you…
Amar Singh: Yes, yes…
Bipasha Basu: I do not think age really matters…
Amar Singh: It matters between the legs.
Bipasha Basu: (laughs loudly) Oh God … You try to get some time. We have not met for a month now.
Amar Singh: Yes, ok ok . We shall meet.
Actress Bipasha Basu was contacted on this but she did not say anything but she has tweeted on the micro blogging site, “Pls request u all to go n hear d conversation 1st n then if u still think its me, I openly challenge anyone to prove it is me!” she has been devastated after the news and is not talking to any media sources.
Bipasha we pray for you that you come out clean out of this, but if you are not clean, then you surely are on the verge of losing many precious fans.

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