Monday, May 16, 2011

Facebook Gale Rahul Gandhi???? Fun to fly !!!!!

Rahul Gandhi made a joke, people say give up now encompass at gas station

Source: Agency | Last Updated 12:30 (16/05/11)
New Delhi. Petrol price rise in social networking site Facebook by people angered by the government fiercely taunted. So it came a strong comment that Rahul Gandhi should sit on a dharna in the same way now as they sat going to a village in Greater Noida. 
Mind called peace Chianna user wrote, with James G. bikes immediately adjacent gas station must visit. I shot back at the comments, Congress's hand, with poor and poor are poor not buy the gasoline. 
Jokes fly another user Charu Gupta, said Santa the rising price of gasoline does not matter. He was earlier Rs 100 petrol Hrwat Hrwacga still only 100 rupees. 
Alok Kumar called the price increase in users giving political color to sarcasm, Congress is fighting corruption and communalism. Need to pay for it. So petrol, milk and other minor things continue to bear the price hike.

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